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WELCOME – HOME SELLERS AND HOME BUYERS – You have just found a portal to the most robust technology that prepares you for selling or buying your next home. As you read further and study the sample analysis, you will see just how quick and easy you are able to step into your next transaction with a confidence never before available. First a few basics:

The MarketCentric CMA

CMA = Comparative Market Analysis or Competitive Market Analysis (same thing). It is the basic method appraisers and realtors price real estate. Rather than an exact science, it is a professional opinion backed up by recent sales of similar properties. Usually the appraisal or CMA report will have three properties to compare to yours (commonly called comparable sales or comps for short). Are those sales pulled from the top of the market or the bottom of the market? Good question. Wouldn’t you like just a bit more perspective, a slightly bigger picture? How would you like to add ten times or a hundred times more data and a good dose of science to the equation? See the entire market, not just three sales? A bigger picture than has ever been available till now. Enter the MarketCentric CMA. Check out this sample, and consider if this would be useful to know about your neighborhood and the home you are selling or buying.

The MarketCentric CMA, a exclusive patent pending technology, is simply the best residential real estate market analysis available anywhere. Easy to read (nothing like an appraisal) and completely customized to your home, you will instantly know the limits of your market, and a precise game plan for pricing your home to sell or for evaluating the one you wish to buy. Only your real estate professional can provide this report. Please don’t consider selling or buying your next home until you have seen its MarketCentric CMA.
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