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CMA Dashboard is an exciting new concept in residential real estate comparative market analysis…the MarketCentric CMA. This MarketCentric approach has been undergoing development for the past 10 odd years, and has tested, failed, tested, failed, tested, succeeded at about that rate during the testing of the concept and the tool that today is We are proud to offer the concept and the tool to the Realtor® community.
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If you are one of the first two realtors from your MLS to contact CMADashboard and are willing to help us test with downloads from your MLS, you will receive 6 months of free access to the dashboard. Click here To Contact Us.
Very Nice
Keith and Scott, I just saw your new video overview on Very nice. Also like what you’ve done on the site with the FAQ’s. I especially like the way you “drill-down” the concept:
1. Find the market
2. Put the property in the market
3. Present the market
4. Arrive at a price together
Mike S.
CMADashboard is now available. Click here to create your free trial account.